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Friends-Chip DT20 AD-CON professional

Friends-Chip DT20 AD-CON professional


the AD-CON professional converts between eight channel ADAT "lightpipe" format and four digital stereo lines in both directions (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8). The four stereo lines are transformer balanced and meet AES standards regarding level and termination (3 volt pp, 110ohm).
The D-SUB connector uses the TASCAM AES pinout. The input sensitivity of 200mV and the selectable output format CONSUMER allow the unit also to convert from/to SP DIF format. Adapter cables must be used in this case to convert levels and between balanced and unbalanced systems and a mismatch of termination must be accepted (110 ohm instead of 75 ohm) .

The AD-CON may be clock master of data flow, with its internal crystal basis of 48kHz. Data flow may also sync to the received ADAT data stream or to an external WORD CLOCK, which must be connected to the BNC input. Clock frequencies may vary between 28 kHz and 50 kHz.

The balanced inputs accept PROFESSIONAL, CONSUMER, AUDIO and NON AUDIO format. Each input also offers sample rate conversion, to merge even asyncronous data of various formats into one "lightpipe" data stream. Sample rate conversion may be disabled, if not needed.

The AD-CON also may be used to convert NON AUDIO (i.e. DOLBY E) data from/to "lightpipe".

Price:482,79 (Including VAT at 21% For EU)

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