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RME - ADI2 PRO Anniversary Edition

RME - ADI2 PRO Anniversary Edition

In celebration of their 20th anniversary RME is releasing a limited edition of the ADI-2 Pro.
This limited edition version of the ADI-2 Pro features the same sound and functionality, but comes decked out in an all-black housing, matching the style of audiophile-level HiFi setups.

Differences between Adi-2 Pro and ADI-2 Pro AE :
- Inside three orange LEDs illuminate the PCB and the components.
- Unique see-through top. The plexi‘s inside print (scratch protected) states ‘Anniversary Edition, 20 Years of RME‘.
- To improve look and connectivity the rear TS double socket has gold-plated contacts, so that it matches the front phones ones.
- An additional metal shield optimizes crosstalk suppression between left and right XLR input. The shield is similar to the one preventing crosstalk from the TS outputs to XLR R input, which is part of all ADIs.
- The 4 rubber feet are replaced with 4 nice Hi-Fi feet with brushed chrome design. These are screwed into the bottom, which is why the AE has its own housing.
- The 4 holes on the side for mounting rack ears are removed.

Price:1.999,00 (Including VAT at 21% For EU)

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