D'Appolito near field monitor
wide and smooth frequency responce
extrem low distortion - even at high listening levels
perfect imaging (matched systems with less than +- 0,5 dB
3 identical amplifier (in a 2 way system)
We have designed this monitor for everyone that loves to have the most detailed precision possible, while mixing, editing and/or mastering!
Only highest quality components - like the 18cm Carbon/Paper woofer, and the unusual 28mm silk dome - are used to reach a perfectly matched system. In any combination of 2 - 6 channel systems we garanty a max pair difference of +- 0,5 dB

A very extreme design feature to the violett HR is the very, very low x-over frequency of 1.200 Hz. We always try to go as low as possible in a two way system, because all woofers with a diameter over 10cm allready "break up" (uncontrolled polarity pattern) very early (1 kHz).

the system

The cabinet construction uses the bassreflex principle, the 28mm silk dome driver is mounted from the back of the front, leading into a radial wave guide. This guranties a perfect pattern, low distortion and smooth linearity over a wide range.
The "liquid" front design (srew-, bumps-, dipless) support all the eminated enegie without disturbance. driver technologie

As woofer/midrange driver we use a modified carbon-paper membrane driver of europes leading high Q driver manufacturer. It's the most non coloring chassis we ever had in hand, because a woofer that has to be still perfect at 1 kHz is quite a challenge! The most critical part in the VIOLETT's are the tweeters, these little drivers have to generate frequencies lower than 1,2 kHz!!
We found only two companies who are able to design such - and we chosse - for sure - the best one! the electronics

Two complete separated channel stripes are used to keep the electronic crosstalk to a minimum Each of these have identical amplifier - this means the tweeter has the same amount of power in the back as the woofer. A design feature that we never want to miss, because distortion created by different designs or varying power output is not what we want! Our s.c. "quick delivery" - digital power- supplies is build with the same goal in mind it works 2.000 times faster as analog one's and are way less heavy in weight. On the back you will find 16 step dips for the input sensitivity, for low fc control (-6 to + 4 dB), and the hf-section (-4 to +4 dB.

System BLUE HR active
construction 2 way bass-reflex
concept D'Appolito Monitor with Wave-guide
fc responce free field 38 - 20.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB
fc responce in wall 38 - 20.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB
system low fc responce 36 Hz - 3 dB
max. sensitivity 110 dB
max. sensitivity long term 107 dB
harmonic distortion at SPL <100Hz 0,8 %
harmonic distortion at SPL >100Hz 0,4 %
Bass driver 2 x 8" carbon paper
Midrange driver -
Hf driver 28mm Silk dome
shielded (anti magnetic) -
weight 19,4 Kg
dimensions w/h/d in mm 480 x 250 x 300 mm
pair difference +/- 0,5 dB
Electronic BLUE HR active
number of amplifier 3
power handling rms Lf/Hf 3 x 100 W
power handling peak Lf/Hf 3 x 120 W
connector type XLR (female)
input impedance 10 kOhm
input sensitivity 16 steps, from 0,45 - 4,5V
X-over fc 1,200 Hz
low pass filter 35 Hz / - 18dB
Hf level control 16 steps, from -4 dB - + 4 dB
Lf gain control 16 steps, from -6 dB - + 4 dB
distortion at acoustic max. output 0,1%
signal to noise ration -100 dB
kind of power supply analog
operating voltage 115/230 V +/- 20%
power consumtion at max. output 300 W

used for:




as STEREO (L/R) and/5.1 SURROUND SOUND system)