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DirectOut - M.1k2 MADI Matrix

DirectOut - M.1k2 MADI Matrix

1024 by 1024 Channel MADI router base device for use with one or two I/O Modules

D.O.TEC M.1k2 is a MADI routing system with 16 ports, offering a powerful routing matrix for 1024 audiochannels. It fills the gap between small routing concepts and large cross bars solutions. A scalable and flexible hardware design meets individual demands.
Two I/O slots can be equipped with different I/O modules (BNC, SC optical, SFP), e.g. 8 x SC and 8 x BNC. It is possible to start with one module (8 ports) and upgrade to 16 ports later on.

Price:5.808,00 (Including VAT at 21% For EU)

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