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Pearl - MSH 10 Stereo "Shotgun" microphone

Pearl - MSH 10 Stereo

Two versions of a user friendly tool for every video shooting occasion

The Pearl MSH 10 is a very clever microphone. We've mounted a short shotgun cardioid in the front and a figure-of-eight capsule behind it. Together they deliver the centre sound and the stereo surrounding/room/ambiance.

The MSH 10 outputs the M and S signals separately, so the engineer can fine tune the sound at any stage during production, from super mono to any degree of MS stereo.

MS stereo is superior to most other stereo recording techniques, because it's totally mono compatible. Another great benefit is that the engineer can determine, at any stage in the production process, how the final sound will be (using the separate M and S signals in Pearl MSH 10).

No extra devices are needed besides phantom power. The amplifier is very low noise and an LED confirms that phantom power is connected. The MSH 10 is very lightweight, which makes them ideal for use with a pole.

Price:1.694,00 (Including VAT at 21% For EU)

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